I hope you like genealogy because that is the focus of this site.   I’ve spent many years working on these family trees and I thought it was time to put the some of the information I have accumulated online so my family could see just what it is I’ve been working on. 

My Dad’s side of the family came from the counties surrounding London. The Baldry’s were from Norfolk and the Boutall’s were from Cambridge and Huntingdon. The families they married into were from Essex (Glasscock and Saich), Hertfordshire (Porter),  Oxford, Buckingham (Seymour and Witney) and London (Randell, Hoare). John Boutall must have come to London from Huntingdon about 1865.  Horace Baldry arrived in London not much earlier than 1898.

Mum’s side of the family has been much more of a challenge. The Lyons’ and Canty’s were in London in the early 1800’s. The earliest Canty I found was Jeremiah. He was born in Ireland in 1798 and was married and had started a family in London by 1820. I’m not convinced I have the Canty’s figured out correctly yet so I look at that tree with a little scepticism and so should anyone thinking of copying it. William Lyon was born in London in 1829.  The Horton, Price, Otway and Arnold families were also from London.

Sources are listed.  These trees are by no means complete and are not error free.  I have not posted all the information about my families on this site. If you want me to fill in the details you can contact me and please don’t copy the information unless you plan to confirm the facts yourself.

Coming soon the Brock, Britton, Ashton and Sikstrom ancestors of my husband’s family. Or not so soon.


This is me on the left, Mandy Brock nee Baldry. Here I am at a young age thinking about my ancestors and where did I hide that spade again? I need to start digging.

Photos below both taken in Cornwall about 1962.

Middle photo, from left to right;

me, my sister Janice, Mum aka Jean Baldry nee Lyons and my sister Kim

Bottom photo;

Kim, Janice and me on Dad’s lap (aka David Baldry).